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Rental misting fan in the courtyard pool area of a wedding venue

NOLA Misting Systems

"cooling you off without getting you wet..."

Misting Fan Rental in Lakeland, Florida


  • Weddings

  • Corporate

  • Convention

  • Festivals

  • Hospitality Tents

  • Special Events

NOLA Misting Systems provides misting fan rentals for outdoor events in Lakeland, Florida. It's like outdoor air-conditioning! NOLA Misting Systems' outdoor misting fans effectively cool you off without getting you or your guests wet, ensuring that your guests remember your event, not the heat.

Fans can run with or without mist

*Rental includes misting fans and water reservoir

Lakeland area Delivery and Set-up fee - $15 per fan

Lakeland area Pick Up fees - $10 per fan

Fees for rentals outside of Lakeland area are based on distance

*Additional fees may apply

Please note:
A water source (standard garden hose bib/Faucet) and electric source (standard 110 outlet) is needed to fill and power the mist fans. It is the responsibility of the Renter to insure water and power are available and if extension cords will be needed.

Rates begin at:

  • $300 and includes two (2) Misting Fans

  • $135 each additional fan

  • Prices are for the Lakeland Metro Area.

  • *Delivery, set-up, pick-up fees based on distance

  • *Additional fees apply for:

    • Extension Cords ($5) per fan

    • Delivery required before 8:00AM

    • Pick-up required after 8:00PM 

    • Rentals outside of delivery area

  • Tax not included

  • Multi day discounts are available.

NOLA Misting Systems rents Misting Fans for cooling your outdoor events. Our rental misting fans are 22", with a self-contained 40 gallon reservoir, and will last all day without needing to be refilled. They are portable, versatile, and powerful.

Fans can all be run with or without mist, and customized to as much or as little mist as you want.

Meet Jake Cohen
Jake is a student and baseball team member at Southeastern University. Jake is from New Orleans where he grew up working in the family Misting Systems business.

Jake Cohen is a student and baseball team member at Southeastern University. Jake is from New Orleans and grew up in the family misting systems business. For misting fan rentals in Lakeland contact Jake to rent mist fans for your next outdoor event.
Rental misting fan with 40 gallon reservoir. Available in Lakeland, Florida.

To reserve Misting Fans in Lakeland for your event:

 Call or text Jake at 504-616-9220

Also at:

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Misting fan rentals in Lakeland

Our misting fans are specifically designed to be used outdoors; they're fully sealed, compact, attractive and safe to use. All misting fans come with a 3-speed motor, giving you great flexibility and cooling options.

Lakeland, Florida area misting fan rentals are available
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