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we cool you off without getting you wet

NOLA Misting Company

NOLA Misting Systems

"cooling you down without getting you wet..."


New Orleans based NOLA Misting Systems designs, sells, installs, and rents high-pressure misting systems and misting fans for sports misting, people misting, mosquito control, restaurant, patio, back yards, festivals and all misting system applications.   We offer misting systems from the finest manufacturers in the industry.  We have products and systems to fit almost any budget.


Please call or text us at (504) 782-8475 for a free consultation.

A Little Bit About Misting Systems

High pressure Mist Cooling is one of the most effective, and efficient, methods available for cooling open outdoor areas. Misting Systems have been used worldwide for cooling hotel, resort, restaurant and bar outdoor seating areas, backyards and patios, as well as event cooling and sports sidelines. They are also used in a multitude of harsh industrial, construction, manufacturing and agricultural settings for climate control, humidification and dust suppression.

High Pressure Misting  is a very effective & efficient way to cool down large areas - even in high humidity climates.

Mist Fan
High Pressure Pump

System Applications

Mosquito Mist System
Mist Nozzle
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Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 3.56.00 PM
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Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 3.58.00 PM
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NOLA Misting Systems - Misting the Crescent City Classic 2011 0 00 46-25
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